The Albion Municipal Library and Heritage Center was built in 2007, and an entire room was dedicated to perserving the history

of our town. The Heritage Room contains rotating quarterly displays selected by volunteer, Lynne Borton, and we have an online

catalog of all items, text, and pictures. See PDF links of Heritage Room catalog and pictures of our current Tools & Toys display below.


All Portfolios #1

Various documents, photos, news clippings, etc. are in the oversize black portfolios in the stand outside the Heritage Room. There are five portfolios labeled A-E: Albion school/seminary, Albin News, Misc., Albion Library. Searchable by specific years, name or keyword. Retrieve corresponding portfolio with page number listed in PDF.


Allows search of additional material, objects, and information found in the Heritage Room.  Various searches available.


Search multiple ways: name of business or owner, type of business, and year.  Includes additional notes. Note: this is not a complete listing.


Individual photos found in the gray photo album located in the Heritage Room.  This includes year, name, graduate or teacher, and corresponding page.  Pictures range from 1928-1986.  Not all photos identified.


Listing Marshall County newspapers with 1st year published and any anecdotal notes found during research. Years include 1855-1952. Note: this may not be a complete listing.

ERA’S #6

Documented research to provide dates of clothing styles and the period referenced.


Diseases that devastated the populations thru the years of 1713-1962 with notes referencing symptoms, vaccines available, etc.  Note: this is may not be a complete listing


Tragedies of interest from 1815-1945 with notes providing additional information.


Listing of cemeteries found in Marshall County. Locations and additional information are included.  The Heritage Room has research documents for many cemeteries, including some maps.


Names, location, and years of practice including any notes found during research.  Note: this is not a complete listing.


Photographers that continually appeared during the research of photos. Note: this is not a complete listing.


Photos with names and attached name cards found in brown photo album located in the Heritage Room. Not all photos identified.





Programs at the Library

Travelogues are now the last Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. There will be no Travelogue in Feburary, but we will are resuming in March with the Baitingers.


Seed Swap and Giveaway

The Albion Library is collaborating with over thirty other libraries and local non-profit, Nine Square Feet, to bring free seeds to our community. We will be hosting ISU Master Gardeners to answer any questions and will have several activities to help you prepare for the upcoming spring season. Join on February 25th to exchange seeds and ideas!


Mad Science

STEM science activities for children every Saturday from 10AM-2PM.


Tech Help:

Stop in any time to get help with new technology for free!


Milk & Cookies Storytime

Every Tuesday night we read a relaxing story and have some milk & cookies.


Old Book Upcycling: Part III

Old Book Upcycling: Part III is scheduled at the Albion Library on February 18th at 2PM!
Last month we had a blast making trees, plant holders, and miniature books, and this month promises to be even more exciting.
There will be craft ideas for the beginner (check out those spine bookmarks) and more advanced ideas for those that want a challenge (I'll be attempting a bookshelf nook to spruce up my shelves at home).
We will also have snacks and wine tasting for those that come for the food and beverages. 😄
All items needed to craft are supplied by the library!


After School Gaming Nights:

Every Friday night we hook the consoles up to the projectors and have an old fashioned gaming night. Complete with popcorn and your choice of beverage.


Cook the Book:Community Potluck

Pick a recipe from our chosen cookbook, The Community Potluck, to bring to our community potluck on February 23rd at 12:00PM.



This and other events are showing up on our Events page!  Check it out to see what else is coming.


In the works...

More programming and community activities are in the works as we speak!