Travelogue - June 16th at 5:00 pm

Robert and Sally Mancieri toured Armenia and brought back instruments and lots of memories.

June ~ Robert and Sally Mancieri will be the guest presenters on June 16th, 5:00pm, with their experiences from Armenia. Their family of four grew when they included exchange student Vartuk with them a few years ago. Vartuk, referred to as their “exchange daughter”, is Armenian and their family trip to her homeland was a melding of cultures. Armenia is about the size of New Jersey and is located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Russian Federation. It borders the countries of Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. Armenia’s mainly Christian culture is surrounded by countries with a Muslim culture. The Mancieris spoke of visiting an old church that predated Constantine declaring the Roman Empire to be Christian. They learned that it’s one of the oldest continual Christian churches in the world. Other experiences included seeing the Armenian National Opera, National Ballet, and the National Orchestra. During their presentation, they’ll have Armenian musical instruments for viewing and other items as well.


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