Policies and Procedures

Revised 1-10-2008


The Library Board of Trustees is the legislative, or policy determining body for the library. The primary concern is with formulating the program of service and with supplying the means for carrying it out. The librarian recommends the program and the board decides to adopt, modify, or reject the librarian’s program and policies.

The trustees should concern themselves collectively and individually with results rather than methods, and should hold the librarian responsible for attaining the desired results.


It is the purpose of the Albion Municipal Library to provide all individuals and groups with an organized collection of books, films, recordings, and other materials in order to advance and enlighten citizenship and to enrich personal lives.


  1. To secure adequate funds.
  2. To hire a capable trained librarian.
  3. To determine library policies.
  4. To approve the expenditure of library funds.
  5. To work actively for improvement of all libraries by supporting library legislation in the state and nation.
  6. To attend board meetings regularly.
  7. To become familiar with what constitutes good library service by reading, attending library meetings, and visiting other libraries.
  8. To keep the building and equipment in good repair and up-to-date, by a planned program of modernization.
  9. To act on any request by any person, group, or organization requesting to use the library facilities for an educational, civic, cultural, or public informational event.



A. To administer the library.

1. All the work of the library shall be under the administration of the librarian, who shall be responsible to the library board.

2. The librarian shall operate the library and library activities in accordance with a uniform policy approved by the library board.

3. The librarian shall consult with the library board on the formulation of library service objectives, plans and policies, and shall seek board approval before administering them.

4. The librarian shall be empowered to make such rules and regulations governing the

use of library materials as are consistent with good and efficient library practice.

B. To be the technical advisor to the Board.






C.  To hire staff for established positions according to the personnel policies provisions.

D. To direct the activities of the staff.

1. All personnel employed by the library shall be under the general supervision of the librarian.

2. Staff personnel of the library shall be assigned by the librarian to such positions as are deemed best for the efficient management of the service.

3. In the case of insubordination, the librarian has the authority to suspend employment pending action of the board.

E. To prepare the budget in conciliation with the board.

F. To keep financial records of the library.

1. The librarian shall be required to submit, for approval of the library board at the monthly meeting; a financial status report received from the town clerk, showing amounts received and spent to date.

2. Bills should be submitted to the board monthly.

G. To select and purchase books, library material, and supplies.

1. The librarian shall make purchases as provided in the annual budget. Any departure from the practice should be approved by the board before purchase.

2. The librarian may receive, on behalf of the library board, under such rules as they may prescribe from time to time; books, money, equipment, and other library materials as gifts and shall be authorized to dispose of materials not required for the library’s collection of service. (See Gift and Collection polices).


All residents in the Albion community served by the Albion Fire department and individuals living outside the area may also use this library after presenting proper identification.


(See Circulation policies)


(See VCR/DVD policies)


The Albion Municipal Library serves the community in several ways and attempts to do so with respect to all patrons. Patrons are asked to adhere to the following behavior standards.

1. Animals, except for service dogs (example: seeing-eye dogs) are not permitted in library.

2. The use of tobacco, alcohol, or other controlled substances is not permitted

3. Food and drink are allowed only at the discretion of the library director.

4. Disruptive behavior, such as running or shoving, is not allowed.

5. Loud, belligerent, abusive, or profane language will not be tolerated.





6. Defacing or damaging library materials, furniture, computers, or other property is not allowed.

7. Removing library materials from the building without checking them out properly or concealing library materials is unlawful.

8. Intimidating, harassing, or stalking patrons or staff is not allowed.

9. Indecent exposure, as defined by the CODE OF IOWA, is unlawful.

10. Once asked to leave the library, returning to the building will be considered


11. Any behavior which disrupts another patron’s use of the library is prohibited.


1. Patrons must sign in with librarian before using computers. Any patron under the age of 18 years must have a signed permission slip with parent or guardian signature on file with the library.

2. All users must have a basic knowledge of computer skills.

3. Computer use is free; there is a nominal fee per page for printing.

4. Computers may be reserved in advance in ½ hour blocks.

5. One person at each computer unless prior permission is obtained.

6. Patron must be in good standing with no overdue fees due the library.

7. Computers are intended for general educational and entertainment use.

8. No food or drink is allowed at or around the computer.

9. Exception to any of these rules must be authorized by the library director.

10. See Internet policy.


The Albion Municipal Library and Heritage Center shall be open to the public on a schedule recommended by the library director and approved by the Board. The hours will include daytime, evening, and weekend hours with a change for school year and summer.

The library shall close on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.



Revised 1-10-08