Internet Policy

Revised   11-29-11


Section 1.

The Albion Municipal Library provides free public access to the Internet and other electronic databases to the general public. It is expected and assumed by the library that patrons who access electronic information will do so in a responsible and legal way. Electronic resources are provided to serve informational or educational needs in much the same way print resources are, and have been, traditionally provided by the library. Individuals who use these resources are expected to abide by the accepted standards of electronic etiquette and the federal laws as they apply to copyright and privacy.


Section 2.

The Albion Municipal Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the Internet by anyone. All responsibility for a child’s use of the Internet under the age of 18 rests with parent, guardian, or caregiver to determine what is appropriate for their child only. It is up to the parent and guardian to notify the library of any restrictions that apply to their child or children. A signed parental permission slip will be necessary for anyone under 18 in order to access the Internet. The library has no control over the uses of print material by the public and because the library does not endorse any particular point of view with regard to print or audio/video materials, the library does not endorse material on the Internet. The library accepts no responsibility for information on monitors which may be inadvertently viewed by others.


Section 3.

The library may impose some restrictions, such as time limits or charges for printing or downloading to disk that is deemed appropriate for the use of library’s equipment. The staff reserves the right to monitor the use of the library’s equipment and Internet workstations to ensure compliance with this policy and the laws of the country. Staff may require users to remove themselves from the equipment if behavior is observed as being in conflict with the library’s policy. Misuse, abuse, unauthorized use, illegal activities, or unethical use of the Internet may result in suspension of Internet access and/or library privileges and may result in a recommendation of prosecution for the violation of this policy.


Section 4.

The library expects that persons who make use of the library’s Internet access will agree to the following stipulations:

  • All resources will be used for educational or informational use only and not for illegal, unethical or unauthorized purposes.
  • Respect the privacy of others using the available equipment in the library by not interfering with their use.
  • Respect the privacy of others as it applies to the use of data, files, passwords, and authorizations to information, no attempts will be made to damage or alter the software of any network or database, nor will there be any attempts to reconfigure the equipment or alter the setup of equipment or software on which information is found.
  • Abide by the laws of copyright and licensing of data.
  • Patrons may not display pornography where child may see it.



Section 5

Confidentiality of Records

  • Patrons have a right of using the computer confidentiality.




Internet Filter

  • Adult Patrons may use the laptop computers with no filter or they may ask to have the filter shut off for a period of time.
  • All children will use computers with a filter.  If homework becomes an issue the library staff will deal with those issues at that time.





The library’s Board of Trustees reserves the right to enact any and all other rules that are deemed appropriate to ensure the responsible use of all electronic resources provided by the library.