Cake Pan Policy

Cake Pan Policy                                                    7/28/09


Section 1

The Albion Municipal Library will provide cake pans for check-out.  The cake pans will have a 2 weeks checkout period.


Section 2

Reservations will be taken up to one month in advance from date to be checked out.  It will be the patron’s responsibility to pick up the pan on the date reserved.


Section 3

Patron must provide a current ID and have current registration information.


Section 4

Cake pan deposit will be $5.00 per pan and will be returned upon item being checked in to the library in good condition.  A set of cake pans is not considered one pan, each pan will need to have a deposit on it.

Good condition states:  The condition in which the pan was received.  The pan free of residue.


If pan does not come back in good condition the deposit will not be refunded and used to replace or clean the pan.